Celebrating Pines Organic Farming Practices

This February Pines is celebrating the Organic farming practices that we love!  One of those, is the practice of Winter Growth.  Since 1976 Pines has been committed to following the science behind producing the most nutrient-dense Green Superfoods available.  One of the ways we stay true to the science, is by growing our Wheat Grass in the winter.

In the winter, the roots tend to dig deep into the ground to pull up the rich nutrients found in Pines organic glacial soil.  Since it is so cold, many days being below freezing, growth is slow which allows for a longer period for vitamins and minerals to fill the dark green blades of green grass.  At Pines, we also rely on the snow and rainfall that we get during those months.  By not using irrigation water, we avoid the contaminates and heavy metals that are often found in the aquifer supplied water.

After months of cold, slow growth, the blades of grass are full of lifegiving phytonutrients.  We wait for the jointing stage, when the grasses are still very young, to harvest and bring our 100% Organic/Non-GMO greens to you.  This is part of what Pines does to bring the most nutrient-filled Green Superfoods to the market


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