We care so much about sustaining the planet that everything we do reflects it from production to packaging.

PINES believes, in and is passionate about, sustainability.

That's why we take such great efforts to ensure we're protecting the earth in all we do.

All of our greens are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, and vegan-friendly.

You may be a producer who is using a green superfood under a different label than PINES. If the label says it contains wheatgrass, barley grass, oat grass, or alfalfa, contact the company and ask if they source quality green ingredients from PINES. If you are purchasing a green superfood brand that sources from PINES, thank you for supporting the planet.

If you think the products you use should include ingredients that help protect the planet from waste and unneeded chemicals, or you represent a company that wants to use more ethical, higher quality ingredients, please fill out the contact form below so our representatives can show you how PINES ingredients can improve your brand!


PINES is a Kansas-based grower that does not irrigate. In fact, we seek to protect the Ogallala Aquifer, a vital U.S. water source in western Kansas, which is currently used by farmers throughout Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas to irrigate crops. Approximately 90% of the Ogallala Aquifer’s water is pumped for irrigation, and this once massive underground aquifer is also contaminated with farm chemicals and severely depleted due to irresponsible farming practices. Instead of growing appropriate dry-land crops, they have grown thirsty crops that are appropriate only in areas with adequate rainfall or at least with easily replenished groundwater for irrigation.

Sadly, the Ogallala cannot be recharged. The fossil water of the Ogallala Aquifer will take thousands of years to replenish due to the abuse of these farmers.

PINES is a much different kind of greens producer. Instead of one family engaged in generations of factory farming, Pines is composed of several sincere and committed 100% organic families who never use groundwater for irrigation. They oppose wasting natural resources for short term profits at the expense of the environment and they focus on respect for our planet.


Over 40 years ago, Pines began the true organic farm movement in Kansas. More than 150 people, who shared a belief in organic farming, re-established Cerophyl starting in 1976 to create more organic farms in Kansas. It was also PINES’ people who helped write Kansas’ organic standards in the early 1980s. Those standards served as one of the models used for the Organic Program established in 1990.

Therefore, we do not believe in “dual farming,” where a farmer grows both organic and non-organic crops. Since 1932, PINES has never used chemicals in any of our fields. In fact, we are the only grower of greens for the Natural Product Marketplace that is 100% organic and the only grower who does not practice dual farming.


When you use green ingredients from PINES, you can put “Certified Organic,” “Non-GMO Project Verified,” and “vegan” on the label and you will have documents to prove it.

PINES grows only certified organic whole food greens, all with the fiber intact. PINES was one of the leaders in establishing the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. In fact, we began to lobby for it after our founding in 1976, and we helped write one of the model organic standards for the Act.

Food Safety

PINES offers the only truly vegan-friendly, truly organic, verified non-GMO cereal grass and alfalfa available anywhere. We do not use our facilities to support the factory farming meat industry or other chemically-based agribusiness.

We are also the only producer of whole food cereal grass and alfalfa to use modern, computer-controlled human food-grade equipment to dry our grasses and alfalfa. We use our equipment only for certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified human food.

Choose sustainability for your brand

If sustainability is important to you and your business, please submit the contact form below to source your cereal grasses from the company that holds the planet the most dear, PINES.