Meet our green ingredient team. We all work together at one location. Most of our farms, state-of-the-art dryers, milling equipment, laboratory and shipping facility are all in one place.  Our primary location north of Lawrence, Kansas, is the same site we used as Cerophyl Laboratories in the 1930s and 1940s.  Pines/Cerophyl has grown our certified organic greens on fields located near our dryers since 1932. Pines/Cerophyl dries, mills and ships our crops just across the highway from one of our fields that we first used in 1932.  We farm other fields only a short distance from our dryer. Pines still grows on many of the same fields we used as Cerophyl in the 1930s. As Cerophyl Laboratories, we grew the grasses of wheat, barley, rye and oats for the world’s first vitamin.

Charles F. Schnabel Sr.

The Cerophyl product grew out of the research by Charles Schnabel and other scientists. They found that the young grasses of wheat, barley, rye and oats contain a higher level of vitamins than any other leafy green vegetables. That peak occurs at the once-a-year jointing stage. In addition to high levels of vitamins, they also identified a grass juice factor that was unique to cereal grasses. Schnabel’s research with doctors and hospitals showed that grasses harvested at this once-a-year time were very helpful for a number of health problems. This research inspired Ann Wigmore and other authors, and they praised him in their books.

 Meet our Green Ingredient Team

Cindie is the key person in the green ingredient team. She works with Pines’ ingredient customers. She can answer your questions and provide any documentation you may require. Cindie began working for Pines more than 25 years ago. She often attends ingredient trade shows. Cindie is a well-known participant in the natural food ingredient market.


Tina is our Company Manager.  She started with Pines more than 30 years ago.  She often helps Cindie in working with ingredient customers.


Kelli joined the Pines team 12 years ago. She often works with Cindie in providing service to our ingredient customers.


Bill has worked for Pines for more than 25 years. He oversees shipments to our ingredient customers including the only 98% pure green super food tablets in the industry. They contain no binders or fillers. They are available in bulk or private label in nitrogen-packed amber glass bottles.
Jeff is our farm manager who works with other organic farmers to ensure we harvest crops at their nutritional peak. Jeff has worked for Pines for more than 12 years.
Jason handles shipping for our ingredient orders. He joined the Pines team more than eight years ago. In this picture, he prepares a pallet of 66.7 kilo drums for shipment to one of our ingredient customers. Jason also leads the bottling team and can produce custom private label products for customers who want a finished product.
Terrence is a lifelong farmer and mechanic. He has worked for Pines for more than seven years.
Skyler coordinates our harvest operations as well as helping Bill with milling.  Shown here, he has just filled one of the pharmaceutical bags with pellets during harvest. Skyler joined the green ingredient team more than six years ago.
Antonio started with Pines about two years ago. He works in all aspects of our farming and harvesting operations, including helping serve our ingredient customers.


Reilly is in charge of laboratory analysis. We still operate one of the laboratories used by the scientists in the 1930s, and most of our analysis is done there. Reilly also sends off samples to independent labs for further analysis.
Deana joined the Pines team more than seven years ago. She works with Jason in our bottling department producing branded bottled product as well as private labeled bottles. Besides bulk ingredients, we can provide you will finished products in oxygen-free amber glass bottles.

                Jake works for Pines as a skilled welder and mechanic. 
He fabricates and works with equipment for farming, harvest,
drying and milling.