This website is for companies looking for our exceptionally high quality cereal grass and alfalfa for use in their own products.

If you are a consumer and are looking for Pines’ products, you can find them here.  If you are a consumer using a brand of a green super food other than Pines, you will know whether the company sources from Pines by the color of the product. If it is bright dark green as you will see in these videos, the product likely contains wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass and/or alfalfa from Pines.

Another indicator is serving size. If a product contains cereal grasses and/or alfalfa from Pines, the serving size is usually about 3.5 grams, while the serving size of a lower quality product that does not contain ingredients from Pines is 8 grams or more for the same amount of nutrition.

Here are recent podcasts for companies that seek high quality cereal grass and alfalfa for their products.




All Pines/Cerophyl Products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Kosher, Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free

We are the only grower of cereal grass and alfalfa that uses an 8-Step Process.  We carefully follow the growing, harvesting and storage standards established by Charles Schnabel and other scientists who discovered the nutrient-density of cereal grasses and alfalfa.


Ogallala-Aquifer-Free Greens Since 1932 from the Original Source

Pines/Cerophyl is a Kansas-based grower that does not irrigate from the Ogallala Aquifer. We’ve been at the same location since 1932. We grow in appropriate regions with adequate rainfall that do not require irrigation. Our greens include wheatgrass, barley grass, oat grass, rye grass, kale and alfalfa.  All are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Kosher.

Pines/Cerophyl is proud of our long association with many quality brands. Until the mid-1990’s, Pines/Cerophyl was the only supplier of cereal grass to the ingredient market. Although Pines/Cerophyl traces its history to 1932, when we re-established Cerophyl in 1976 as Pines International, more than 100 people started the company. They invested an average of $200 each. They were not expecting big returns. Instead, they believed in our ideals of using profits to expand organic farming and to protect the planet.  

To represent those ideals, they chose the Pine tree, an international symbol of the peace in nature. Pines is a 100% organic grower.  We have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to environmental causes during our more than 90 years. Pines added more than 2,000 acres of our own land to organic and helped other farmers convert 2,000 more.  We oppose farming that uses poisons from Monsanto and other chemical companies. In fact, since 2010, we have maintained a Facebook page to expose GMO lies and to promote organic farming.

Because of our ideals, we also oppose the contamination and depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer in the dry region of the Great Plains. Farmers have pumped water from that aquifer for nearly 100 years. They use it to grow thirsty crops that should not be grown in a dry region like that.

Ogallala Aquifer

Worse, no one can recharge the Ogallala.  It took tens of thousands of years to accumulate that water. Wasteful farming methods have depleted and poisoned it. In less than 100 years, farmers in that region have nearly pumped the Ogallala dry. They use it to grow pesticide-based alfalfa and other poison-based crops as well as “organic” greens for the natural foods market.  Even if the abuse stopped, it would require thousands of years to replenish the water stolen from future generations.



Pines/Cerophyl is Not One Family but Several 100% Organic Families

Pines/Cerophyl is a much different kind of greens producer. Instead of one family engaged in generations of factory farming, Pines is composed of several sincere 100% organic families. They farm in appropriate regions that receive ample rainfall.

Thus, our farmers never use ground water for irrigation. They oppose wasting natural resources for short term profits at the expense of the environment. They focus on 100% organic farming and respect for our planet. Unlike other growers, our farmers have never used chemical poisons on any of the land they tend.


100% Organic – No Dual Farming – No Irrigation

Since 1932, Pines/Cerophyl has never used toxic poisons on any of our fields. In our opinion, when farmers grow both organic and poison-based crops, they are not sincere about organic farming. We are 100% organic and always have been. All Pines land has always been farmed organically.  We do not believe in “dual farming.”

Besides dual farming, other cereal grass growers and farmers in dry regions that require irrigation, have poisoned and depleted our once-pristine, fresh water resource, the Ogallala.  Most of the water evaporated through wasteful methods. What little actually reached the plants went mostly to make poison-based animal feed and GMO Corn for ethanol.

The poor farming methods in those dry regions during the past 100 years is shameful. It provides an example of greedy, poison-based land use that continues to destroy our planet and its resources. By contrast, since 1932, Pines/Cerophyl has never had to depend on irrigation and has never used toxic herbicides an pesticides.

Modern Dryers Designed for Human Food 

On of Pines’ new all stainless steel dryers built from scratch in 2012. We use it only for organic human food.

We use modern, 100% organic, non-GMO computer-driven, all stainless steel, human food grade dryers brought into operation in 2010 and 2012. We have never and will never use them to produce feed for the confined-animal meat industry or any crops grown with chemical poisons.

At this site, you will also learn more why we are the only truly vegan-friendly cereal grass and alfalfa grower. You will learn why our more gentle drying process results in a far better product. To find out more why our greens are better, please read about us and our process.

We seek partners with end users who share our ideals and goals.  With Pines\Cerophyl’s green ingredients, you support a tradition that goes back nearly 100 years of being truly organic. We stand for sustainable practices.

If you want, you are welcome to advertise this message when you use Pines/Cerophyl as your source of supply. You can also take advantage of our many certifications. We can provide authorization for you to use those logos, including the Cerophyl logo.  

As one of our partners, you can benefit from our rich tradition of nearly 100 years of excellence in producing the most nutrient-dense and cleanest greens.  Best of all, we can provide a value that is the best you will find. Let’s make contact. We want to create a great partnership with you!